Hand tool range
At Leyton we supply a broad range of hand tools, dependent upon how they are likely to be used.  We carry a variety both in stock and to order:
  • Quality Draper hand tools.
  • Stanley tools.



King Dick Range

Our top quality tool suppler is King Dick, which are “to oder” only.  We supply mainly mechanic type tools from this suppler, on the basis of their “lifetime” guarantee.  To date, we haven’t had any returned!

Founded in 1856, King Dick is still a small family owned company who manufacture in Birmingham a high quality range of tools. We are proud to be associated with a company with such a strong reputation for quality and performance. We have reviewed their tight manufacturing and quality processes, in order to supply to our own industrial customers, who demand quality, performance and longevity.

Wrenches can be supplied in Metric, AF and Whitworth sizes, as open ended, ring and combination. We sell individual wrenches, as well as combination sets.

We also supply King Dick tool cabinets, again made in Birmingham, UK individually by local craftsmen.