Obsolete and “hard to find” Fasteners

We are seeing a number of enquiries regarding obscure and obsolete fasteners, particularly Whitworth – BSW, BSF, UNC & UNF. It seems many of our competitors have got out of the habit of sourcing these unusual nuts and bolts. Given our strong links with Classic Car and Bike restorers, as well as model makers, we have excellent links with suppliers to find exactly what you require.  Given our heritage, we keep stocks of unusual and tough to source items directly from our stockrooms here in Ellesmere Port.


Whitworth Fasteners & tools

We had a customer recently who told us that he has been working with London Underground and similar to many industries, they are still big users of Whitworth fasteners.  Our tools supplier KING DICK still manufacture a full range of hand tools for Whitworth sizes.  Indeed they supply key users of Whitworth fasteners and have done for many years, from their manufacturing base in Birmingham.  King Dick are one of the only remaining manufacturers of hand tools in the UK, which are made at their bespoke factory.  They offer lifetime guarantees on their tools, made with care by their highly skilled workforce.

Imperial Fasteners

We continue to supply imperial sizes to a number of our manufacturing and maintenance customers, with our own supplies “on the shelf” as well as strong ties with suppliers, who can source a variety of sizes and materials.

So if you are looking for:

  • BA

Get in touch with us as we are able to source , supply from stock or in some instances have it manufactured at reasonable prices.  We have a huge warehouse which has built up over the last 40 or so years.  We have a “Brass room” with a variety of interesting brass fasteners, nuts bolts and washers.  Alongside this we have self coloured, zinc plated, galvanised and stainless, which gives us a great opportunity to help you find what you or your customer needs.



Our Brass room is an amazing Alladins cave, since we started the business, nearly half a century ago, we’ve gradually collected a variety of brass fasteners and components.  Whilst brass has become somewhat unfashionable these days, we still have a whole stock room full of fasteners.  The photo above gives some idea of a small part of the brass room itself.

Customers looking for specific brass fasteners should email us with their requirements.



Whilst we cant guarantee we will have exactly what you need, drop us an email at sales@leytonfasteners.co.uk outlining your requirements.